Shopping Mall Offers Husbands Lap Dance while Wives Shops

Lap Dances While Wives Shop

CALIFORNIA – Dorman’s department store in Lancaster, California, have come up with a solution to the age-old problem of bored guys waiting around listlessly while their girlfriends shop.

The store now offers lap dancing!

After a questionnaire revealed that men were keen to sample strippers whilst their womenfolk shopped, Dorman’s joined forces with a local strip joint to make trips to the mall more fun for guys. The strategy seems to have worked as sales are up.

Customer Bill Parnell used to hate going to the mall, reports the Lala Times, but then one day he “heard some music and guys hooting and went to investigate and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now I want to go shopping every weekend!”

What about the wives and girlfriends? How do they feel about their men’s newfound love of the mall? One housewife put it like this, “My husband not only lets me buy what I want now, but when we got home from shopping the other night he stuffed a five in my underwear!”

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