Miraclesuit Avanti Be-Leaf Me Black Hidden Underwired Swimsuit

Miraclesuit slimming swimwear

Miraclesuit slimming swimwear

The Miraclesuit Avanti Be-Leaf Me Black Hidden Underwired Swimsuit is a real breakthrough for Spring Summer 2010 slimming swimwear! A beautiful head-turning bandeau slimming swimsuit with a striking leaf design embroidered across it which gives the slimming swimsuit both depth and texture and a draw for the eye.

The Miraclesuit Avanti slimsuit has a hidden underwire and removable straps for a different look or for extra support. Miraclesuit Miratex control swimwear fabric hides those extra ponds in such a way as to enhance your hourglass figure and give a firmer and flatter tummy.

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Aubade Escale à Casablanca

Aubade  Escale à Casablanca

Aubade Escale à Casablanca cami and shortie

Aubade Escale a Casablanca cami top and figure hugging shorty.

Escale à Casablanca by, French lingerie specialists, Aubade is given inspiration from the Far East. Aubade has sculpted this glamorous Leavers lace to fashion an inviting and soft cami top and figure enhancing shortie.

The Casablanca range from Aubade is deliciously French.

Miracle slimsuit in News of the World and Andrew Marr

Miraclesuit miracle slimsuit swimwear

Miraclesuit miracle slimsuit swimwear

Miraclesuit swimwear

Miraclesuit swimwear

Miracle Miraclesuit slimming swimwear was the title of the article in the News of the World on Sunday being discussed on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday, 30th May 2010.

Miraclesuit miracle slimsuit swimsuits are truly a miracle for women as they are said by the manufacturers, Miraclesuit, to make a woman more shapely and give a great hourglass shape and give the effect of making a woman look 10lbs lighter! Wow!
Infact the bigger you are, it is said, the better your hourglass shape to bowl over the guys on the beach. Why? Because the Miraclesuit Miracle slimsuit swimwear fabric moulds your tummy bottom and boobs into a firmer bottom and tummy and bigger bust.

The Miraclesuit Miracle slimsuit as it was termed by the News of the World on Sunday
The News of the World said of the Miraclesuit Miracle slimsuit swimwear that it…’makes you drop a dress size’. Now that can’t be too bad can it!

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Hotmilk maternity

Hotmilk maternity bras

Hotmilk maternity bras

Hotmilk maternity bras have taken the maternity nursing bra fashion world by storm. Hotmilk use provocative images of pregnant women who look absolutly radiant in their luxurious designer maternity lingerie.

Hotmilk has some great styles at the moment including HOTmilk Awakened By Her Desire Briefs, French knickers and bra which has a fresh vibrant sense about it. The HOTmilk Her Midnight Charm Was Striking maternity bra is more sensual and exciting and is sure to delight whilst the HOTmilk Delighted With Her Victory Long Sleeve Pyjama Set is supremely comfy. One of my favourites is the HOTmilk Delighted With Her Victory Camisole Pyjama Set which is very feminine and has a fresh feel to it.

Velda Lauder and RTÉ Fashion

Velda Lauder corset

Velda Lauder corset

Velda Lauder, the celebrity favourite corset designer, had her most recent interview was with RTÉ Fashion.
Corsets by Velda Lauder are worn by Hollywood A listers such as Heidi Klum, the burlesque model Dita Von Teese, Charlotte Church and many others.

Velda Lauder said her main inspiration came from the beautifully feminine curves of Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Sofia Loren which she then enhances with wild, luxuriant fabrics commonly glimmering in Swarovski crystals.

Georgina Heffernan, of RTÉ Fashion, spoke with, Velda Lauder, the Irish designer to find out about her passion for corsets and her celebrity clients.

Velda Lauder said that she creates beautiful handmade corsets in exquisite and unique fabrics that sculpt and shape a womans waist to give a perfect hourglass figure. Velda Lauder went on to say that she had become interested in the fashion business as her mother worked for some top designers from Ireland such as John Rocha. Beginning as a display artist and fashion coordinator for a well known company in Ireland she then became a performance artist and worked on her first collection, which was made of neoprene rubber. In 1997 she then moved to London where she opened her first shop called Pagan Metal, which sold cyber club wear.

Velda Lauder went on from here to focus on her true passion of design and enhancing her corset skills. The Velda Lauder corsets quickly became very popular with burlesque performers and celebrities. Velda Lauder has made corsets for many of the stars of stage and screen including Dita Von Teese, Coco De Mer, George Michael, Robbie Williams, Karl Lagerfeld, the Victoria’s Secret annual TV shows, Courtney Love, Pete Burns and The Sugarbabes. Burlesque stars include Miss Polly Rae and Miss Lily White.

Velda Lauder studied initially at the College of Marketing and Design in Dublin and describes her style as classic whilst futuristic, empowering and sexy and unique.

Velda Lauder has an intense love of 1940s and 1950s movies which has intensified her interest in hourglass garments, and gave her the belief that a corset has the ability to free the inner strength and beauty of a woman instantly.

She wants women to feel beautiful and empowered when wearing a Velda Lauder corset.
The beauty of a corset is that it gives a woman the red carpet couture experience without oppressing her natural curves, Velda Lauder said and often the bigger a woman is the better look she has overall.
Velda Lauder is a designer with immense vision and charisma and is an inspiration to corset designers of the future.