Will the stitching hold on the Beckham's underwear shoot?

In and out of the spotlight constantly, the Beckhams, an export that Britain once prided itself on, have attempted yet another return to their waning cool.

The Armani portrait where David is clutching a rope with unrealistically glistening abs and tight boxers was received by the media as being a dashing campaign and one that would steady Armani for the future. However, the rub lies in the portraits of the couple attempting a glamorous and sexy romp, though they end up looking, well, a bit ropey. Aside from the usual tabloid criticisms of over using the air-brush and Photoshop, this campaign has been heralded as yet another gratuitous portion of the Beckhams, which leaves us wondering why they seem to crave the limelight.

The couple look brittle and shallow despite the simple but age-old trick of using the forgiving medium of black and white. The textbook use of shading leaves the eyes as dry and lifeless as a Chucky doll. However, the piesta resistance is the lighting, as no one who’s had three kids will ever look like Victoria does, which is a true testament to the photographer. David’s incredibly shiny and rather Chaplin-esque hair must also have taken true skill to capture sensitively though it pushes the portraits further into the realm of self obsession. It’s also widely considered by Beckham sceptics that the main reason behind the campaign isn’t the underwear at all but her controversial boob job instead. The whole feel of the campaign leaves me restless as to why they still persist in acting like the best thing since sliced bread and I just can’t shake the thought that it resembles all too closely the perfectly executed TV adverts for Davidoff Cool Water not so long ago.

It’s just a shame that a once considered ‘cool’ couple seem to try so hard by using every trick in the book to look like the couple for which time stood still. To get your fall fix check out Mio Destino for all the latest lingerie.

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Mena Suvari showing off a sexy swimsuit body

Thirty is the age most women dread, metabolisms slow down, waists expand and gravity begins to take it toll. Well, that’s the worst case scenario; in reality women are looking younger than ever. Recently photographed on a Mexican beach in an itsy bitsy bikini Mena Suvari is living proof that thirty is the best time to flaunt your body. With teenage insecurities in the past it’s time to enjoy being comfortable in your own skin.

Mena however, has clearly been working out at the gym and her body has reaped the benefits. Clearly no waif or fad dieter as Mena displayed a healthy, toned body, making it hard to believe that it’s been ten years since she created controversy as the teenage cheerleader in American Beauty.

On holiday with her fiancé Simone Sestito, she took to the water to try her hand at jet skiing, relaxed on loungers and shared intimate moments with Simone who she met been last year at the Toronto film festival. For her Latin holiday Mena favored feminine brightly printed bikinis in turquoise and pink. For your beautiful holiday bikini check out Mio Destino’s collection online.

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Fergie Loves Marlies Dekkers

In designer lingerie Fergie showed how to ooze sex appeal when she chose to wear a Marlies Dekkers design on stage at the TMF awards. The singer, who forms part of the pop group the Black Eyed Peas, rocked the stage in an outfit specially put together by her stylist using the Marlies Dekkers’ triangle push-up bra. Fergie wore the same bra in her video for ‘I gotta feeling’ and the stylist glammed it up for the stage with sparkling silver chains.
Marlies Dekkers showed excitement about the collaboration between the designer and singer by saying the following, “The outfit looks spectacular on her! It is such an honour her wearing my design live on stage at this great music event”.

The TMF awards, held in Rotterdam, are an annual awards show broadcast live on the music channel, TMF. The first small awards ceremony was held in 1995 and it has since expanded to the biggest popular music awards show in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Just a week before, Fergie had been strutting around the stage at Glastonbury Festival in a bizarre cut out corset/playsuit garment and black killer heels. She performed with the Black Eyed Peas on the last night of the festival, intent on showing off her toned body as she sung and danced to ‘Let’s get it started’ and ‘My humps’.

After a solo stint for Fergie, the group is back with a new album ‘The E.N.D.’ (Energy Never Dies) which was released in early June here in the UK. To emulate Fergie look at Marlies Dekkers range now at Mio Destino.

A Tight Fit for Britney Spears

America; home of fast food, super size meals and devilishly sweet things, all of which can play havoc with a girls figure. After a two-week break whilst on her world tour, Britney Spears is feeling the effects of America’s temptations! Returning to continue the tour in Paris, Britney was noticeably bigger and had to squeeze into some already tight and revealing outfits.

However, with a grueling schedule ahead the singer should be back to show size in no time at all. According to the Daily Mail, after Paris ‘she takes her all-action set to 10 more venues in Europe, before switching to North America, where she has 21 dates, finishing off in Australia, where she plays six more times before ending the tour in Brisbane in November’. So it’s safe to say she can afford to put on a few extra pounds whilst on her break!

Britney also used the Paris show to unveil a ‘new selection of sparkly body-baring outfits.’ On her Twitter page Britney wrote: ‘New leg, new song, new outfits, new do….’ Sparkly bras, corsets with frilly knickers and suspender belts were favored with Britney sticking to her usual revealing look! Unfortunately, as always, her new outfits tended to verge on trashy rather than classy but for those who prefer understated elegance check out Mio Destino’s collection of timeless, sexy lingerie.

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Jordan's Latest Outfit is Giving Jodie Marsh a Run for Her Money

Recently Reveal magazine updated us on the PR battle between Jordan and ex-hubby Peter Andre.
She was snapped sporting a gold bra with mid high French knickers with a sort of support brace holding the whole operation together. Her matching stilettos set off the ageing glamour look to a tee. Whilst on holiday in Ibiza she shocked the nearby (and rather worse for wear) clubbers with this decade old number; perhaps this was the best place for her however, as a morning stroll around Richmond Park would be somewhat more than the eyes can handle!

This stunt seems to be a toe-dipping exercise in clawing back some segment of her IT girl status but it will be hard to rejoin the 30 something glamour-girl fold as the selection process is extremely discerning indeed.

Let’s just hope that her PR Company have a friendly word in her ear and persuade her against it all, to age gracefully instead of sinking like a lead balloon. Or if all else fails to simply emphasise the obvious importance of underwear being under! She definitely needs to get herself down to Mio Destino for some tastefulness in her wardrobe.

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