Mio Destino Launches New Mastectomy Collection Di Murini

Di Murini Mastectomy Lingerie
Di Murini, the new luxury mastectomy lingerie brand, is forcibly breaking down barriers once again by releasing new fashion photography which portrays models, who have had a mastectomy, in a sexy, attractive and provocative light.

This radical new approach to mastectomy lingerie has been overwhelmingly received by the market, health care professionals and the press. Di Murini products offer a complete departure from existing mastectomy products on the market which many women who have mastectomies complained to be dull, frumpy and depressing. One woman likened existing mastectomy bras similar to “structures made by the engineers at NASA”.

Creating Life Changing Mastectomy Lingerie

With the number of women being diagnosed with breast cancer increasing and the age of women getting younger (Cancer Research UK), a clear gap in the market existed for sexy, luxurious and feminine lingerie. Di Murini is not only aesthetically strong using top quality European satins and laces, but is also functionally advanced with an Aloe Vera fabric lining the bras and pocket structures which restricts prothesis movement, an innovation which is currently patent pending. Di Murini creates mastectomy products which help recapture the comfort, confidence and sexiness that is often lost after breast surgeries.

The Guardian recently described Di Murini’s bra as “luxurious and clever”.

Di Murini’s philosophy behind the photoshoot was to boost women’s confidence by capturing Di Murini’s model, Louise, in sophisticated, empowering and daring photography. Statements such as ‘I never thought I could feel this carefree again’ and ‘I never thought I could wear something this daring again’ were the inspiration. Di Murini is committed to only using models who are “real women”, who have undergone a mastectomy, in their product photography. A direct response from the pleas of women in this market.

Meet Di Murini’s inspirational model, Louise

Louise herself was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago and underwent a mastectomy two weeks after a consultation with the doctor. Louise described having an overwhelming feeling of never being able to do things in life that you did before breast cancer surgery and wants to share with other women the realisation that life continues and for her, even was ironically liberating. Louise said she would have never previously considered appearing in a lingerie shoot. For more information on Louise’s story, see here.

The photographs demonstrating the innovative Rowena collection will be released on to www.dimurini.com, individually, over the next few months. Not only were they created so women could relate to the sentiment behind each photo but also to illustrate how well fitting, luxurious and physically advanced the collection is.

The SS09 collection has been included within this press release of which samples and high resolution images can currently be requested. If any long lead press require high resolution fashion or cut out shots and samples of the AW09 collection then please contact Verity Brown *08458400025*

Lingerie, Why Men Should Leave It To Women.

Seventeen British men have been released by Greek officials after spending a night in the cells.

Wearing sexy lingerie and nun’s habits the men aged 16 to 65 were arrested according to the BBC ‘for wearing nuns’ habits and accused of offensive behavior’ in the infamous Greek resort of Malia, Crete. The article also went on to say that ‘the BBC’s Malcolm Brabant said the men, all from the Bristol area, went out dressed in habits and saucy lingerie, lifting up their skirts to reveal bottoms and G-strings’.

Over the years Malia has gained a reputation as ‘party central’, a title previously given to noisy resorts such as Faliraki or Kavos. Britons behaving badly is unfortunately a recurring theme in these Greek resorts and one that gives the UK a bad name.

Mio Destino thinks that perhaps the men should leave the sexy lingerie to us women! We wear it so much better – without causing so much offense!

President Obama and the Can-Can outfit!

Being the most powerful man on the planet can be a tough job. The pressure of running one of the world’s biggest countries is difficult enough without an enchanting wife who steals the limelight with her wonderfully classic fashion sense – we love you Michelle! All work and no play makes Obama a dull guy so Mio Destino thought it was about time the President got a little praise, and had a little fashion style in his honour.

Inspired by the ending of Obama’s moving victory speech and the energy and vibrancy of the Parisian Can-Can dance,

“…we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of the American people in three simple words: Yes. We. Can.” President Obama, 2008.

Mio Destino has created a limited edition ‘Yes, We, Can-Can’ lingerie set to celebrate his triumph and to wish the President and the American people every success during his term in office. The perfect gift for American Independence Day on July 4th, the set comes complete with White House nipple tassels (these are not official and may not gain the wearer access to the Oval office), slogan sporting briefs and a high-waisted, net layered skirt in the colours of the American flag. Styled to mimic a Can-Can dancer’s outfit it makes the perfect attire for ladies wanting to show their support for the President of the USA with panache and a few high kicks!

Bring a bit of the White House to your house with Mio Destino’s Yes We Can-Can lingerie set.

Peaches Geldof as Lingerie Model

Famed as the daughter of Bob Geldof, Peaches has tried her hand at journalism, fashionista and IT Girl, now she is trying her hand at lingerie modeling. As the new face of Ultimo she strikes some pretty provocative poses. However, rather than being concerned with how sexy she appears, Peaches hopes to make a point against the current obsession with super skinny models. According to the Daily Mail she believes she ‘is striking a victory for women with normal bodies’. At only 20 herself Peaches is clearly aware of the pressure on young girls today to conform to the media’s representation of what attractive.

However, some may argue that perhaps Peaches isn’t the best role model for today’s young girls. Her recent divorce after less than a year of marriage shocked not only friends and family but also helped her gain a reputation as rebellious wild child. Some amongst the industry have labeled her spoilt and she has even been ‘nicknamed a Boomtown brat’. Despite all this Peaches seems genuinely to care about her the impact of such images as her on today’s young girls, stating; ‘I’d rather young girls were looking at a normal body like mine rather than an anorexic model.’

If you have a normal body crying out for some lovely new lingerie, check out Mio Destino today.

Bras For Research

A scheme launched by Hertsmere Borough Council has seen bright pink bins being installed at various recycling sites so women can drop off their unwanted bras. According to the BBC ‘some of the underwear will be sent to women in developing countries while other items will be recycled to raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign.’

Ultimately the goal is to not only reduce items going to landfill, boost recycling but also help other women.

Cancer Research UK ‘is the largest single funder of breast cancer research in the UK’ and as a result of it’s tireless fundraising and dedicated research ‘breast cancer death rates in the UK have fallen by a fifth over the last ten years’. This simple recycling scheme is just one small effort of a much larger effort to help British women fight breast cancer. The charity encourages women to take the initiative and fundraise for themselves – whether is be a ‘dress in pink day’ at the office or a ‘movie marathon’ all goes to help fight the cause.

According to the charity ‘one in nine women will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives’, therefore continued fundraising and research is vital. Get together with your friends today and have some fun whilst raising money for a good cause.