Lingerie Trends at the Clothes Show Live

Clothes, shoes, lingerie, swimwear, accessories, make up, celebs, models, giveaways and catwalk shows, the Clothes Show Live has everything a girl could want. I travelled up to the NEC Birmingham for the first day of the show, and what a happy day it was. For those who haven’t been before, the Clothes Show is an annual event which has been running for twenty years. The NEC is taken over with hundreds of stalls selling fashion items from All Saints to Bourjois, often at discounted prices, and professionals doing make-overs. Also, you must not forget the fashion show which is repeated at stages throughout the day.

On Friday 5th December, the fashion show included a performance by new girl band, The Saturdays. Following this the show took on a theatrical spell binding mood with each section given a strong, distinct theme. Lingerie was based around the theme of Argentinean Tango as girls floated down the catwalk in triangle or balconette bras with matching briefs in shades of gold and nude. To contrast with these rather demure, ethereal beauties came a group of Argentinean sex sirens in black and red lingerie sets flirting with some topless Latino men. The clear look was one of femininity and sensuality, just one was more overt.

They also showed swimwear, for both men and women. Colours were bright and shapes daring, no plain black bikini in sight. Men wore tight swim trunks in pastel colours and were even accessorised with beachbags. If you missed this year’s Clothes Show Live, I have been informed that they will be introducing a London event next May so start saving now!

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Corsets – Time To Give Yours A Workout

Want a fun and sexy workout? Then get your hands on the new DVD, Learn The Art of Burlesque, £22.99. Not only is the practice good for toning, but it will give you a boost in self esteem and sex appeal.

The DVD teaches you everything from the history of burlesque, burlesque dance moves, glove peeling, striptease technique, nipple tassel twirling, performance, routine building, costuming and styling. With practice, you could be the next Dita Von Teese and your partner will love it. Leading British burlesque dancer and expert exotic arts tutor Keda Breeze leads the teaching on the DVD which runs for an hour. You get a real insight into the art form and soon learn that it is much more complicated than it looks! Keda invites you to her boudoir to learn the secrets to her impeccable glamour.

Once you have worked the moves and experimented with make-up, it’s time to invest in some new designer lingerie. Mio Destino’s range of corsets will leave you feeling and looking fabulous. The DVD is available on Amazon.

Make-up for Men

I used to find men in make-up slightly disturbing. Maybe it was the whole cross-dressing idea, or the concern with what they were trying to hide, but it didn’t seem right. How then, is it now so cool? And what’s more, why do I now like it so much?

It has become far more acceptable in the modern generation for men to enjoy grooming, and even using make-up. Celebrities such as Noel Fielding, Pete Wentz and the one and only Russell Brand have made men in make-up the norm.

Most men just want to look healthy and clean, so toners, moisturisers and bronzers can create that manly glow. YSL recently launched the Touche Eclat for Men, £22, which seems like a great idea. If women get to hide the bags under their eyes, why can’t men do the same? For guys that want the rock star look, there are especially for men mascaras and eyeliners easily available on the High Street. Superdrug has launched a range called Taxi London, which includes an eyeliner, mascara and concealer for £6.50 each. Creator of the range, Peter Kelly said, “The old stereotypes are being thrown out of the window. There’s a new breed of young men who are comfortable with face scrubs, masks and moisturisers and want to take it one step further”.

It definitely seems that the gap between men and women is getting smaller and smaller. But if there’s one thing that will always belong to the girls, it’s gorgeous lingerie. Men just don’t have the body for it! Browse Mio Destino’s collection of beautiful lingerie today!

Fashions New Shine

It’s a trend that has been slowly gaining followers since the summer; a trend that can look stunning, or go horribly wrong. Forget opaque tights this winter, PVC leggings will bring you straight up-to-date for 2009. X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke showed that she was a true celebrity when she headed to her music studio last week in PVC leggings and a long black and white print top.

They are certainly doing the celeb circuit at the moment, with Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Sarah Harding and Rihanna all sporting the look on multiple occasions. The look can go from day to night, casual or formal. The key is to not over-do it, a little shine goes a long way! Only go for this look if you love your legs, because you will get a lot of attention. Wear them for the evening with a long length t-shirt or dress over top, and for day under a jacket or jumper dress.

Topshop have a pair for £18, and Asos have some for the same price. Of course there are others ways to wear PVC, but if you prefer your lingerie to be a bit more subtle and your jacket a bit less nineties, leggings are the best step forward!

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LA Swimwear Borrowed-From-The-Boys

With the depths of winter upon us, we look to the future for a little ray of hope (or moreover a little ray of sunshine) and for spring 2009 we have plenty of variety to look forward to. British fashion trends are spreading to the swimwear catwalks of LA and are heavily inspired by the coquettish charms of Brit-model, Agyness Deyn.

Swimwear designers have gone back to basics for spring 2009 with simple twists on classic styles; ranging from high-waisted bikinis to cut-out silhouette swimsuits. Teamed with oversized shirts, and 80’s inspired blazers and dickie-bows, this trend might not be ideal for the beach but the catwalks of LA were telling its own tale of Winters 2008 androgynous trend and doing so in a sexy, sultry way.

Amidst the age-old spring/summer trends of ethereal, fairy-tale, dresses that evoke modern-day femininity is ‘borrowed-from-the-boys’; a swimwear trend that finally adds a bit of spice to an otherwise femininely-focused season. Refreshing, elegant and modern, androgyny is trend that transcends time and buying a classically cut piece of swimwear can do the same. Plan ahead, shop around, and take time to try-on. Take this trend from the catwalk; (leave the blazer in the wardrobe to team with shorts for drinks after a day at the beach) look for oversized shirts in relaxed white cotton, a sure-fire way to keep beautiful swimwear looking eternally stylish.

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