Sex in zero gravity

We humans are an adventurous bunch. A while back we covered the mile high club and the �no-sex onboard� story from Airbus, but that just wasn�t exciting enough for some. The soon-to-be commercial space flights offered by Richard Branson�s Virgin Galactic have been receiving enquirers about the possibility of being allowed to be the first people to have weightless sex. Apparently it wouldn�t be that good (?) as the weightlessness would make the act rather difficult.

I don�t think zero gravity sex would be all that great anyway. Floating around, struggling to keep still, and other images you can conjure up yourselves that I�d rather not type.

Of course all these couples thinking they�d be the first are being very closed minded � how do they think all these aliens that keep visiting Earth come to be? Delivered by alien storks?! I think not! I wonder if aliens have lingerie

Velda Lauder Corsets

Velda Lauder Corsets


Location: London, UK

Style: Velda Lauder creates beautiful corsets in unique & exquisite fabrics that shape and sculpt the waist. Velda Lauder’s bespoke corsetry is hand made in London using the most luxurious materials and finishings.

Velda’s love of 40′s and 50′s movies has shaped her fascination with curve-creating garments and Hollywood glamour icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren have helped inspire her. These glamorous women with their hypnotic hourglass shapes, all size 16 plus, were enhanced by technically brilliant foundation garments.

The Velda Lauder ‘Ready to Wear’ line is also traditionally made from the highest quality materials and is manufactured entirely in Britain.

Story: Velda has always had a passion for corsets and all things glamorous. After graduating she set up the enchanting Velda Lauder corset company in London, which sells to such A-listers as Heidi Klum, Dita Von Teese, Charlotte Church and Saffron. Her lines of corsets, underbusts and accessories have proved highly sought after by celebrities when they want to make a seriously sexy fashion statement.

Highlights: A show stopping performance by Miss Lily White with the new burlesque collection at the London Fashion week. The Sugababes dressed in Black Mesh Underbust corsets encrusted in Swarovski Crystals, for their finale performance with Patti Labelle at ‘Swarovski Fashion Rocks’ at the Royal Albert Hall London. The ‘Kodak Theater’ in Los Angeles, as Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova, Miranda Kerr and Marisa Miller strutted down the runway in Velda Lauder outfits.

Lingerie Review – Andres Sarda New In at Mio Destino

Andres Sarda
Get ready for the loveliest collection of lingerie ever from Spanish designer Andres Sarda. Using the finest fabrics and delicate cuts, this new range offers seduction, style and sophistication.

Andres Sarda studied textile sciences before turning to a career in design, manufacturing mantillas. He introduced the Sarda Hermanos mantilla to America and gained instant recognition when Jackie Kennedy was pictured on a cover of one of America’s top magazines wearing one of his creations.

Now,the brand is internationally recognised for its technical expertise and attention to detail as Andres works with a top design team including his daughter.

Andres Sarda

Choose from the chic Dotty Silk collection, featuring a beautiful deep plunge bra with soft lace cups and a matching dotty thong.

Andres Sarda

Try the Risk collection, offering a sweet Lavender triangle bra and matching shorts.

Andres Sarda

For super sophistication, look no further than the delectable Dot silk chemise, a sleek style edged in silk lace that would just as good day, or night.

Veiw the whole Andres Sarda collection today, or the entire range of Designer Lingerie at Mio Destino.

Lingerie Review – Simone Perele Fidji Ivory Strapless Bra

Simone Perele Fidji Ivory Strapless Bra

Simone Perele Fidji Ivory Strapless Bra

Unique Details:

Perfect simple and elegant bridal set with flat finished edges around neckline and delicate embroidery, finished with a dainty bow in the centre.

Personal Opinion:

This bra is a must have for any wedding day! It’s strapless design and flat edged finished on the neckline would look great under any dress. The embroidery is simple but effective and adds that perfect touch and special something to a bra that will be worn on a day you will never forget! The bra fits great and is beautifully finished to create a sensual sexy bra that will be just as great for the wedding day as it will for the wedding night and the double silicon backed elastic will ensure your bra stays put!

This bra looks great with the matching briefs that mirror the delicate embroidery on the bra. The edges are beautifully finished and feels great when on!

Comfort: 5/5

Pole dancing on the tube

I don’t know about you but on my way to work this morning I had to fight my ways past hordes of tired grumpy people, fight for a space on the tube, tiptoe around the feet of those sitting down, avoid eye contact with EVERYONE and listen to the terrible music emanating from some yoof stood nearby. At no point did an attractive girl start pole dancing. But if I had been in Romania this may well have happened. Sigh.

It’s an odd thing, but certainly a welcome thing, for men at least, seeing a woman in some gorgeous lingerie, on the way to and from work, and it probably raises more money than bad guitar playing or out and out begging, but apparently it’s going to be stopped because it constitutes ‘begging’ and ‘indecent exposure’. You can hear the commuters, “Nooooo……”

While Boris may have banned alcohol on the tube I’ve yet to hear anything about pole dancing being banned…certainly something to think about next time you find yourself on the tube, clinging on to a pole, grimly counting off the stations.