Lingerie Review – Marlies Dekkers; Summer 08 Lingerie Collection

Marlies Dekkers At Home

Mio Destino has just received the brand new summer lingerie collection by Marlies Dekkers. Known for it’s fantastically unusual prints and strap style bras, Marlies Dekkers is definitely one for your summer wardrobe.

The new collection consists of two ranges: ‘At Home‘ and ‘Black Birds‘.
The range ‘At Home‘ uses fantastical colourful patterns to form a kaleidoscope of patchworks, creating a brilliant summer time print, which looks amazing placed next to a black microfibre fabric for party nights.
The ‘Black Birds‘ collection is inspired by the famous 60s film The Birds. Marlies Dekkers have turned this story into a flock print of birds surrounded by swirling foliage, with a black flock print on black mesh fabric.

Marlies Dekkers At Home corset

The highlight of the At Home range is a gorgeous corset with a sporty racer-back and printed panels contrasted with black microfibre. The padded balcony bra has slim bands of black elastic above the cup as a decorative feature, in true Marlies style. Team up the corset or bra with a fabulous g-string or thong to complete the look.

Marlies Dekkers Black bird

Meanwhile the Black Birds range consists of a sexy plunge bra with matching thong, both with tiny black bows, as a decorative feature. The collection is limited. Buy yours today.

Marlies Sundressed Swimwear
Summer holidays are just around the corner so make sure you make a statement on the beach this summer with Marlies Dekkers swimwear. Take a look now.

Bra is a real lifesaver

Swiss Alps

The phrase ‘lifesaver’ is often over used about everything, from someone having a plaster to being able to buy a cup of tea on a train. But to call a bra a lifesaver is not exaggeration – at least not for this woman, whose life was quite literally saved by her bra. What a garment the bra is!

It was certainly clever of the folk at the top of the mountain to realise that someone must have put the bra in the cable car –if it was me I’d think some female operator at the bottom of the mountain was flirting with me and so I’d send back some item of clothing. This would probably lead to a disciplinary hearing and my immediate dismissal. Thank heavens I don’t work there then!

Still the most important thing is that she’s okay and hopefully she’ll be reunited with her bra at some point.

Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot (Ascot was originally called East Cote), dating back to 1711, is the world’s most famous race meeting. Arriving each day in a horse-drawn carriage, the royal family are a regular head turner with Zara Phillips looking particularly elegant this year. The media often spend more time covering the couture of attendees at this major event in the British social calendar.
The dress code for the Royal Enclosure is very strict— ladies cannot show bare midriffs or shoulders and they must wear hats whilst their male partners need to wear full morning dress which includes a top hat. In recent years several unfortunates have found themselves ejected for less than appropriate attire. Many people choose to wear formal dress outside the Royal Enclosure though this is not obligatory. In the past to be admitted to the Royal Enclosure ‘one’ needed to be either a guest of a member or be sponsored for membership by a member who has attended on at least four times. Controversially, in 2007, day passes were issued for the Royal Enclosure with hospitality packages – so get saving girls!

Probably, the most popular part of Royal Ascot are the numerous women dressed in their finery and displaying the most gorgeous and eye catching of hats. Like a flock of Birds of Paradise they meander through the crowds champagne in one hand, the press in pursuit, and gloriously oblivious to all of that high class horse racing going on in the background. A most popular and agreeable part of the English year. With over 300,000 people making the trip to Berkshire during Royal Ascot week, it is Europe’s best-attended race meeting.
The Ascot Gold Cup is held on Ladies’ Day and there is over £3,000,000 of prize money on offer. Not bad for a day at the races!

Velda Lauder Corsets, sexy lingerie at its best!

Dita Corset

Velda Lauder corsets – chic, sexy, provocative, sculpture in satins and silk. Velda Lauder is a true creator of glamorous figure enhancing corsets which are hand made in London, England using the finest finishing’s and luxurious materials for totally unique corset creations.

Velda Lauder’s love of the 40’s and 50’s movies and the gorgeously curvaceous megastars of the age such as Marilyn Monroe, Gina Lollobrigida and Sophia Loren: Wonderful curvy women, all size 16 plus, with stunning silhouettes, created by technically brilliant foundation garments has lead to her philosophy: “The gift of the corset is its ability to free the inner strength and beauty of a woman in an instant.”

Velda Lauder’s Ready to Wear line is also traditionally made from the finest quality materials and is manufactured entirely in Britain.
Sumptuous silks and elegant satins embossed with embroidery, beads and crystals combine with Velda’s sensual forms to create a unique and sensational creation for your special event.
Scarlet, deep purple, dusky pink satin and glitters, trimmed with lavish lace combine to create sumptuous sexy corsets and corset accessories.

Provocative and ultra feminine Velda Lauder has proved a favourite with burlesque stars and film and TV stars alike such as:
If your looking for that knockout blow – then a Velda Lauder corset is going to land the softest and most sexy punch. View her collection, just arrived at Mio Destino today!