FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women Results Are Out!

FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women

So the latest FHM Top 100 sexiest women results are out and Megan Fox has come out on top, so to speak. The star of the Transformers has wrestled Jessica Alba from top spot – hmm, that’s a nice image isn’t it – to win this (I’m assuming) coveted position.

Perhaps the biggest shock is that Britney Spears, a former number 1 and popular choice for any teenager across the land, has added 00 to her previous best and scrapped in at 100. I guess that’s what shaving your head, crashing your car, having a Vegas wedding and releasing mediocre pop does to your FHM entry – let’s hope Ms Fox bears this in mind.

The thing is though I’m sure any man reading this is thinking that while Fox and Alba are all perfectly well and good, given the choice they’d put their own girlfriend at number one straight away – especially if she was in some Mio Destino lingerie.

Bras at Mio Destino Bras at Mio Destino Bras at Mio Destino

A very interesting piece in today’s Times about the fact you can recycle your old bras through Oxfam. Usually charity shops don’t take old bras to resell – well would you buy one? – but Oxfam will recycle bras through a recycling plant in Huddersfield to ensure they can be reused.

So if you need another reason, (and I can’t believe you do) to buy something from Mio Destino then look at it this way. You can throw away your old bras, pleased in the knowledge they can be recycled to help others, so your conscious can be completely clear while you buy some lingerie. Don’t you feel better now?

Nelly Furtado Spotted in Marlies Dekkers!

Nelly Furtado wearing Marlies Dekkers in Arena Magazine

Sexy star Nelly Furtado is shot here for Arena Magazine wearing Marlies Dekkers!! The pint size pop star shows her support for the brand, and looks classy, sexy and seductive all in one go! Wearing one of the brands simpler and less detailed styles, Furtado demonstrates how to wear Marlies Dekkers if you’re a little too shy to experiment with their more extravagant styles.

Take a look at Marlies Dekkers Lingerie and swimwear today!

Make the most of yourself with an online personal image consultation

Online Personal Image Consultation

It can be difficult to find styles of clothing that suit your body shape, flatter your figure and make you look and feel fantastic. It’s lucky then, that StyleAware.co.uk is on hand to direct you to the looks to go for, and to steer you away from those that aren’t suitable.

By uploading your photo to the site and following the online consultation link, you can recieve your very own personal image consultation within 48 hours. This includes

• Your body scale
• The accessories, prints, fabrics and textures to go for, and those to avoid
• Advice on dressing your body shape
• Advice on flattering your proportions
• Face shape analysis

Never again will you make a purchase that will sit in your wardrobe unworn!

Ok…this is a weird one…even given some of the things I have written about before. This is for women only, and another device to make men feel redundant, and, er, jealous. It’s a breast massager, read: fondler – you can watch it here. The device has a medical purpose – to help improve growth of breasts and more importantly to easy any pain caused during various stages of life – pregnancy etc.

But what the hell?! It’s pretty bloody weird. I would have loved to have seen the early prototypes and the testing stages – can you imagine…ok that’s enough imaging. Still if it works I don’t think many men will mind – at least in a few years when the results might be seen.