Marlies Dekkers is Lingerie Creator of The Year

Marlies Dekkers is Lingerie Creator of The Year

On the 26th of January Marlies Dekkers was in Paris to receive the renowned award of ‘Creator of the Year’ 2008.

The ceremony took place at the Parisian ‘Musee d’Art modern’ where Marlies Dekkers was handed the trophy on behalf of the mayor of Paris together with other international designers, each specialized in different fields of design.

The Dutch lingerie designer was chosen because of the innovative styles of her lingerie, its creativity in design and print that distinguish it amongst other fashion brands. In fact ‘Your body, my canvas’ is Marlies creative way to celebrate and emphasize women’s beauty by underlining the most beautiful parts of their bodies.

Marlies Dekkers was awarded by the SIL (Salon International de la Lingerie) organisation which means during all the year she will play the leading role in the lingerie communication campaign of ‘Paris Capitale de la Creation’, the association that organizes all the fashion trade shows in Paris.

Marlies Dekkers feels honoured to have been awarded ‘Creator of the Year’ in the lingerie capital of the world. Definitely the greatest challenge for a lingerie designer!

Aubade from Mio Destino

‘Precious clothes’ like precious stones are the best treatment you can give to someone who has a place in your heart. If you didn’t have the chance to ‘spoil’ you partner before with something as sensual and special as precious designer lingerie then this Valentine’s day is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss!

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The choosier your lady is the greater your pride will be in unlocking her secret tastes and preferences. So have a look on our website and you’ll find many tips on how to make the best choice for her.

Try looking for a set of bra and knickers or perhaps she would rather experience the comfort and style of a feminine baby doll instead of a bra?
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Our lingerie, corsets and swimwear are lovingly sourced from the most chic of European designers and that gives you the best chance to buy her something she would certainly love!

Check also our shopping guides which will give you tips and ideas about how best to make a selection from our designer lingerie.

Simone Perele lingerie from Mio Destino

It’s good to live in the 21st century. If you’re reading this it means you have a computer, internet access and good taste…and not only that, but you’re on a website that sells some of the damn finest lingerie on the web.

But spare a thought for your distant relatives who toiled ‘oop mill’ or ‘down in’t mine’ for shillings and farthings (I think…) and never got to see the likes of some of the garments on this website. Well, a museum in Walsall has just opened a new exhibition that is looking back at the past 500 years of underwear and I am sure there won’t be anything on display that would get imaginations fired or pulses racing.

Evolution is a concept that you can apply to most things and Mio Destino is solid proof that over time human’s work methodically towards a pinnacle of perfection. So while the museum may not contain anything you’d want to wear now it is probably a fascinating look at the changing nature of that very important garment we all wear all the time – underwear.

Just count your blessings you can choose to buy / wear what’s on sale here, rather than having to put up with what our ancestors had in ‘the olden days’.

So what is Satin or is it Sateen?

Eternal Spirits Black Audrey Corset from Mio Destino

Satin is commonly used in designer lingerie, corsets, wedding dresses and ballet pointe shoes. We have all heard of the term and know it is a traditional and beautiful fabric which is often associated with luxury garments – but what is it?
Satin is an elegant material which has a luxurious lustre on one side, being very smooth whilst on the other side it has a matt effect and is quite dull. Satin is a type of cloth that can be made from various fabrics including silk, nylon and rayon. The secret of satin is in the warp-dominated weaving technique where a minimum amount of interlacings are used to construct the fabric. Various examples of satin weave fabrics are used to give a different effect including faille satin, slipper satin, crepe-back satin, bridal satin and antique satin.
Satin is very popular for use in wedding gowns and for the lapels of men’s Dinner Jackets, baseball jackets and ties.
A variation of Satin is called Sateen which is formed when the yarn used is one such as cotton which is a short-staple yarn.

Vogue Fashion Magazine

Vogue is one of the fashion world’s grandest portals. Caroline Weber, the renowned book critic, described Vogue in The New York Times in December 2006 as, ‘the world’s most influential fashion magazine’.

It was said of Vogue that it, ‘…dominates consumer culture today, Vogue’s role in catalyzing its rise to pre-eminence cannot be underestimated’.

Vogue was founded in 1892 and is now sold all over the world with different editions being targeted for each country such as Japan, Spain, Italy and Portugal being owned by New York based, Condé Nast.

At it’s core Vogue is remowned for it’s pictures of high society and high fashion giving iconic status to the fashion model. Vogue also has variety and offers thoughts on culture, art and general information for it’s readers.

Anna Wintour, is the current editor-in-chief of Vogue, she is known for her bob style haircut and the fact that she wears sunglasses indoors. Wintour has worked tirelessly to enhance the magazines lofty status since she took over in 1988. A fashion and style contributor to Slate, Amanda Fortini, said of Wintour, ‘…during her tenure, Vogue has been enormously successful.’ Under Wintour Vogue has nurtured talented new designers. Wintour joined the Council of Fashion Designers of America in creating a reserve which provides guidance and funding to a minimum of two emerging designers per year.