Lingerie Simone Perele Adelaide Set

Adelaide de Simone Pérèle : Soutien-gorge Vison demi-bonnet


Description : Un soutien-gorge à balconnet ultra doux et ravissant, noeuds et bretelles en satin très fin. Sexy, féminin et sensuel, l’élégance à l’état pur!

Ce que j’en pense : Ce soutien-gorge Simone Pérèle est absolument sublime et fait des ravages! Les coloris tout en délicatesse ajoutent à l’élégance et conviennent à tous les types de peaux. Le soin apporté aux details notamment aux bonnets, comme les petits noeuds délicatement cousus, attire le regard sur la poitrine . Les finitions sont délicates et les bretelles en satin sont une note supplémentaire de charme et de decadence. Que demander de plus!

Ce soutien gorge est bien coupé et un élastique le long de la partie supérieure des bonnets assure un maintien parfait. Attention tout de même car les demi-bonnets ne conviennent pas à toutes les poitrines.

Le string assorti en dentelle où l’on retrouve le même motif des petits noeuds, est le complément idéal du soutien-gorge. La douceur du satin procure une sensation de luxe et pour parfaire le tout, le porte-jarretelle assorti est un must! En satin et bordures en dentelle, il est le reflet du soutien-gorge et du string. Un accessoire ultra féminin indispensable à une tenue hyper sensuelle. Le laçage au dos n’est que tentation. Sublime!

Confort : 5 sur 5
Coupe : 4 sur 5
Style : 5 sur 5

There's nothing like a city gent in a 'Double Cuff and Cutaway'?

Double Cuff and Cut away

The classic cutaway collar and double cuff, or French cuff as it is oft known, exude a certain style or so some would say. However, on the other side of the Atlantic they can be seen as somewhat pretentious. So which is it? The height of male chic or part of a pompous individual’s wardrobe?

The double cuff is a shirt cuff on a dress or work shirt which has been folded back and is then closed with either silk knots (or as they are also known monkeys fists) or cuff links rather than buttons. The so called monkey fists are intricate silken knots which act in much the same way as cufflinks and have now become very fashionable.

The double cuff certainly does seem to be more popular in Europe than in North America where they are sometimes seen as overly formal.

The cutaway collar tends to be used with fashionably larger tie knots. It looks like a collar that has had too much material cut off it, but like the double cuff I believe it adds a certain, ‘je ne sais qoui’ to a gentleman’s wardrobe. They can be purchased from designer shirt makers like Thomas Pink and Charles Tyrwhitt in Londons classy Jermyn Street.

Pretentious, stuffy, pompous..certainly not!

Marlies Dekkers Desire Padded Plunge Balcony Bra

Lingerie Marlies Dekkers Desire

Marlies Dekkers Desire Padded Plunge Balcony Bra


Unique Details:

Simple sexy bra with unique strapping details and ‘desire’ charms. One of a kind design that is sure to turn heads!

Personal Opinion:

I love this bra! The unique strapping details are a great feature that makes this bra truly unique. The attention to detail is flawless and is definitely a bra that is worn to be seen and would look great when worn with a strappy top or shirt. The simple design is perfect if you want a sexy bra without lace. The fabric is so soft and feels amazing when on you will never want to take it off, and the moulded seam free cups feel great against your skin! The bra itself fits great and gives a lovely natural shape and the seam free cups make it versatile. The back straps are gorgeous and will flatter all shapes and you will certainly feel like one of a kind in it! This bra is simple, sexy and beautiful, definitely on my most wanted list!

To compliment this Marlies Dekkers padded plunge bra is a great wide side thong, the beautiful strap detail is mirrored on the bra and ties the look in well. The thong itself is made from soft mesh and has boning in the sides for added structure. The wide side design is great for all sizes and it s definite must have coordinate that will make you feel sexy all day!

Style: 5/5

Fit: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

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Marlies Dekkers Desire Padded Plunge Balcony Bra

Marlies Dekkers Desire Tanga Thong

Ridiculous Laws: Mince Pies on Christmas Day is Criminal Offence

Mince Pies on Christmas Day is Criminal

According to UK legislation it is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day. Yup, really. All those decades of kids who’ve left a mince pie treat out for Santa on Christmas Eve… I guess they could be charged with incitement. And as for the parents who gobbled down Santa’s pie – yes, of course you had to or your kid would be upset – you better hope you did it before midnight.

The law was introduced in 1644 by Oliver Cromwell to combat gluttony. What festive spirit. This law is one of many obsolete decrees that modern justice has neglected to cancel and is therefore – in theory – still, erm, legal.

A public vote has determined the most absurd British and International laws, reports the Telegraph.

The mince pie ban was voted the fourth most ridiculous law; the number one spot went to the ban against dying in parliament.

The five most absurd international laws are as follows:
1. In Ohio, it is illegal to get a fish drunk
2. In Indonesia, the penalty for masturbation is decapitation
3. In Bahrain, a male doctor can only examine the genitals of a woman in the reflection of a mirror
4. In Switzerland, a man may not relieve himself standing up after 10pm
5. In Alabama, it is illegal to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle
See the full list
Make your own mince pies

Shopping Mall Offers Husbands Lap Dance while Wives Shops

Lap Dances While Wives Shop

CALIFORNIA – Dorman’s department store in Lancaster, California, have come up with a solution to the age-old problem of bored guys waiting around listlessly while their girlfriends shop.

The store now offers lap dancing!

After a questionnaire revealed that men were keen to sample strippers whilst their womenfolk shopped, Dorman’s joined forces with a local strip joint to make trips to the mall more fun for guys. The strategy seems to have worked as sales are up.

Customer Bill Parnell used to hate going to the mall, reports the Lala Times, but then one day he “heard some music and guys hooting and went to investigate and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Now I want to go shopping every weekend!”

What about the wives and girlfriends? How do they feel about their men’s newfound love of the mall? One housewife put it like this, “My husband not only lets me buy what I want now, but when we got home from shopping the other night he stuffed a five in my underwear!”