Lingerie Simone Perele Eliza Triangle Bra


Simone Pérèle Eliza Black Underwired Triangle Bra

Unique Details:

An exquisite black triangle bra in transparent black tulle highlighted with a delicate blue floral embroidery on the cup. The plunging neckline is met with a simple blue bow and thin double straps to create a simple yet elegant bra.

Personal Opinion:

This Simone Pérèle bra is simply beautiful! It has the modernity of a triangle bra with the support of an underwire and double rouleau straps. The simplicity in the embroidery is what makes this bra stand out from the rest, and the bound cup edge and straps add elegance and charm. This bra looks absolutely gorgeous on and is definitely one of my favorites! The triangle shape fits great and will suit most and flatter all sizes, however it is important to bear in mind that darted cups will not offer the same support as a seamed cup. Nevertheless, this bra is perfect for everyday, and will look great in the bedroom when teamed with the matching thong that mirrors the elegant embroidery on the bra. A perfect addition to any women’s collection!

Comfort: 5/5

Style: 5/5

Fit 5/5

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Simone Perele Eliza Underwired Triangle Bra

Simone Perele Eliza Black String

The Soundtrack to Travelling

Lingerie Road Trip Music

Travelling can be quite dull but with Ipods and other MP3 players we can pass the time like never before. The also gives rise to the great game of ‘soundtracking’. My friends and I have often discussed the best songs for different travelling that we do.

For the Underground it is almost universally agreed (by me and a few other mates) that Blue Monday by New Order is the best choice. The mix of industrial sounding bass and non-stop pounding drums is the perfect representation of the tube, especially when it passes outside and a few tower blocks and old run-down buildings pass into view before you disappear into the tunnels again. Going Underground by The Jam is clichéd but works a treat.

For train journeys, I am not ashamed to admit, I have a penchant for ‘epic’ movie soundtracks to go with the (usually) dramatic scenery out the window. Last of the Mohicans is particularly great for this, especially if you have seen the film and know when they use the music. Sigur Ros is also good for this sort of thing.

Driving has so much potential that it’s as much a case of where, when, who with, and other factors as to what makes a good piece of driving music. Knights of Cydonia by Muse though is great for driving on the motorway – at 70mph maximum – while Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones has a brooding menace that makes you feel you are off on a Mafia raid on a warehouse rather than off to do a ‘big shop’ at the local supermarket.

This is the great thing about Ipods and other music devices – they let song fit to settings to make them have a new meaning. So next time you are on the train / tube / in the car, don’t just settle for any old song, pick something that fits and let us know about it!

The museum of the broken hearted

Lingerie Broken Hearted

Breaking up is hard to do…as the song says, but a new museum in Berlin hopes to turn the experience into something reflective and thoughtful and even positive by putting mementoes from peoples failed relationships on display.

The idea is simple: you take something from a relationship that has ended and donate it to the museum along with some information of what it represents to them.

From small items – furry pink handcuffs… – to more drastic examples the museum seems to cover a range of emotions, with this example from the story proving ‘crimes of passion’ can be rather over-the-top:

‘One woman donated an axe and described chopping up the furniture of her cheating female lover. “The more her room filled up with chopped up furniture, the more I started to feel better. Two weeks after she was kicked out she came to take the furniture. It was neatly arranged into small heaps and fragments of wood.’”

Using an axe to get back at an ex does at least have a nice sound to it!

Anything you would consider donating?

Colour is the New White in Mens Underwear

Lingerie Mens Underwear HOM

White pants are going down.

But exotic, coloured, and labelled pants are coming up in their place.

Last year was the first year in which white briefs accounted for under half of the male underwear market since records began. I don’t know who keeps records of pants, but I suppose everybody needs a hobby. Nevertheless, it now means that designed, coloured, patterned, and labelled underwear is big business.

Women have had decades of dressing to impress underneath as well as on top. But now men, too, have realized that there is more to pants than white cotton and elastic. Pants can do more than shield sensitive areas from the scratchy interior of jeans; they don’t just have to provide support for sport and warmth for winter. They are now both fashionable and fun.

Which is why Mio Destino now stocks ranges from two of male underwear fashion’s hottest names. French brand HOM is the epitome of chic: the company have been honing their designs for decades. Their range is one of understated class, elegance, and sophistication, with a whole range of styles and fits (from long-johns to thongs) available in plain and patterned colours. If you’ve been wearing highstreet black and white boxer briefs for a while and want to take the next step up the ladder of cool, then check out our range of HOM briefs.

But if you’re looking for something altogether more ‘cheeky’(!), then Canadian brand Ginch Gonchis for you. Their brazen picture-patterns, naughty taglines and quirky appearance will make any of their pairs unique in your pants drawer at home. If you are bored wearing a suit to work every day, then a choice from their Western range will make you feel deliciously mischievous all day. Sign up to be the first notified when the Ginch GonchAutumn/Winter 2007 collection becomes available at .

Lingerie Review – Marlies Dekkers Body Double Padded Plunge Bra

Lingerie Marlies Dekkers Body Double


Marlies Dekkers Body Double Padded Plunge Bra

Unique Details:

Simple bold print with soft mesh overlay and trademark strap detailing. Great everyday bra with a hint of colour,

Personal Opinion:

This is a super everyday bra! The seamless moulded cups are extremely comfortable and the transparent mesh adds a unique sexy element. The strap detailing is simple but eye-catching and would great with a strappy top! Teamed with the matching thong with strap detailing on bum its makes a set perfect for the bedroom! Don’t forget the matching suspender belt for a look that is certain to turn heads, its simple design mirrors that of the thong and bra with the hint of colour in the print. The finish by Marlies Dekkers is flawless and the fit is great – definitely a winning set!

Style: 4/5

Fit: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

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