Bikini Contests on the Radio

Its good to see that some British traditions are not dying out whatever the political and social climate. Radio 1 held a Bikini Contest in Newquay recently with DJs JK and Joel and Dave Pearce the judges (I don’t know if they have any qualifications for this) in front of a very male dominated crowd. And I don’t know how enjoyable a bikini contest can really be if you are listening on the radio.

It seems the old summer holiday camp traditions of bikini contests are coming back into fashion again and with an ever eager army of girls willing to show off and obviously guys eager to watch, these kitsch competitions could become more common once again. Why not get a luxury designer bikini and go out there and win!

Accepting the brief


Until quite recently, I thought there were two types of male underwear.

There were Y-fronts and boxer shorts.

Wearing the Y-front (or brief or tighty-whitey) was unacceptable undergarment practice. It was allowable for schoolboys but, beyond adolescence, was worn only by the unreservedly uncool and the unpleasantly unkempt. While sport could excuse a temporary indulging, no self-respecting man could wear a pair. As a result, the Y-front was the underwear of choice for comic characters. The equivalent of Bridget Jones granny pants was, perhaps, the Y-fronts sported by Hugh Grants grotesque Welsh housemate, Spike, in Notting Hill (1999); or Toms Cruises Y-front and sock-clad lip-syncing dance in 1983s Risky Business.

So I only ever wore boxers. And nearly all of those were checked cotton from a generic highstreet store. I suspect my experience was the same as most.

But then the brief got hip. Well, it sat just below the hip, had a fashionable brand emblazoned upon the thick elastic, and looked darned good just above some low-rise bootcut jeans.

In case you’re a beginner, here is what you’re looking for. Mid-rise and low-rise briefs sit two or three inches below the waist with an elasticated band, still have that Y-shaped front, but extend a few inches down, covering the top of the thighs. The boxer brief goes even further down the leg, and is reckoned by many women to be the sexiest available. You can get these briefs in white cotton, sure, but fashionable labels make them available in other colours, designs and fabrics including silk and, dare I say it, spandex. So briefs still hug your groin and offer the support and comfort missing from some boxer short experiences, but they are now acceptable in fact, the trendiest available. reckons that, in addition to looking great (and making men look great), they’re a solid choice for jobs that require sitting down all day (briefs are less likely to ride up than other types of underwear) or for physical activities. So there you have it: briefs are back.

How to get the Perfect Profile Picture for Facebook

Thats what millions of us are doing. Snappy Snaps reported a whopping 550% increase in requests for airbrushed portraits. And they link it unquestionably to the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Amid reports that candidates for jobs are being vetted using their internet profiles and singles use similar sites to seek out dates, it is hardly surprising that men and women alike want to look their best. An airbrushed photo can give you straight white teeth, a slimmer figure, a wrinkle-free brow and a clear complexion. So bear in mind that if someones picture on Facebook looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Cross-dressing Lingerie Burglar Caught on Camera

HOUSTON At first 24 year old Nicole Bishop thought she must be imagining things: when she got home from work things had moved in her apartment. Lights that she could have sworn she’d switched off where on; clothes where lying in different places small things were out of place. This continued over the next few days.

Her boyfriend feared she had a stalker and suggested she get a surveillance camera to make sure no one was entering her home. Companies like Safety Technology custom make hidden cameras that masquerade as ordinary household objects: tissue boxes, crisp packets etc. Nicole chose one concealed in a digital clock.

She rigged up the clock to face her door and spread some of her lingerie around as bait.
When she got back from work it looked as if nothing had been moved. However, when Nicole decided to watch the video footage to check that the camera worked she had a nasty shock.

In horror she watched as an unknown man entered her apartment. He started looking through her clothes, smelling her lingerie and rubbing himself with it.
“He’s wearing [my lingerie],” Nicole said. “He’s pleasuring himself. He’s doing really strange things with my furniture.”
After a while, the man put his own clothes back on and left the apartment.
It is not yet know whether the creepy stalker has been apprehended.

A Bra Operated Into Your Body- The Lastest Lingerie Technology

Warning this is not for the faint hearted!

Does lingerie get under your skin? Well, now it really will. Literally.

At least, it will if Dr Eval Gur, a surgeon from Tel Aviv, has anything to say about it. He has invented a bra you definitely don’t want your partner to try and remove during sex: the under skin bra. He calls it Cup & Up because it provides support for dropping busts, just like any ordinary bra. The difference is: these cups are placed 1cm under your skin.

Now, I think that this sounds like something from a horror movie, but Dr Eval Gur insists that hordes of women are queuing up to undergo this operation. And pay a couple of grand for the privilege.

Anyone tempted? This is what the op entails: sling-shaped silicone cups are inserted through slits beneath the breast; next, threads are stitched on to them and attached to your upper ribs with titanium screws. You can even watch as your chest is turned into a hardware store, because the whole procedure can be done under local anaesthetic. Whoopee!

As yet, the implants have only been tested on the inside of pigs chest walls. Pigs’ skin most closely resembles human skin, and the Cup &Up held in place nicely, says Adi Cohen, head of the companys marketing. The first human victim, I mean patient, is already signed up and due to have the operation this autumn.

Would you trust someone whos name so closely resembles Dr Evil to insert titanium screws and string into your breasts whilst you watched him? Even if he had tried it on pigs?
Thought not. You might be better buying an Aubade bra and have done with it.

The full article can be found at the Guardian