Lingerie Review – Bien Fee Pour Toi

Bien Fee Pour Toi

Bien fee pour toi French lingerie

Purple Padded Balconnette Bra

Unique details:

This striking balconnette contains delicate frills along the cup, ribbon detailing and stylish pintucks. Its highlighted with a uniquely placed diamante to add that special something.

Personal Opinion:

Ooh La La! This simple bra certainly has the wow factor! The contrasting colours add that unique touch and are in colours that will suit all! The shape is natural and is perfect for an everyday bra with a difference. The style of the bra is great for all sizes and perfect if you want a bra to turn heads, but are not very brave! The straps are plain and simple and could be worn with any top, but the detailing on the cups would look superb peeping through a blouse. I think this bra is great and will suit every lady of every shape! Very French!


Comfort: 4/5
Fit: 4/5
Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Available at Mio Destino

Learn more about the Parisian designer, Bien Fee Pour Toi

The phenomenon of Japanese girl band, M?ningu Musume, ???????

The all girl J-pop (Japanese pop group) Morning Musume, as we would know it has an unusual system of rotating recruitment whereby the members of the group regularly change. The group, also known as Momusu let a girl go most years and then audition for a replacement for her.

The group started in Japan in 1997 and has proved to be very successful and popular. Maybe it would be a good way for our own boy bands and girl bands to regenerate themselves and give new talent a chance.

FHM, come on we love you guys, but lets have a recount!

I think I’m going blind, although they say that’s caused by too much…so, maybe I’m not!

I’ve been through my copy of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the world 2007 (always a firm favourite) but something is horribly wrong!

From that first picture of Jessica Alba looking like a less attractive version of Ursula Andrews to Hayden Panettiere at No 6 whoever she is. What about Emily Scott at No 9 whose only claim to fame was showing off her implants on Celebrity Love Island not that I’m complaining of course!

It was when I saw a full page spread of the girlfriend of Tottenham Hotspur’s Theo Wolcott in at number 96 that I realised that the world had gone mad!

Could it be some underhand Blairesque type babe’ corruption scandal that’s going on? Is Max Clifford paying FHM to put in D list celebrities? Or maybe they used a premium rate 1.50 a minute phone line to select the winners. Something is not quite right!

So why is my magazine already falling apart at the seams and where are the missing beauties?

Jamelia, Tina O�Brien and that Sammy girl who went out with Charlie, Roxanne Pallett from Emmerdale (classic TV), Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Nigella Lawson (isn’t she lovely), Kirsty Gallagher, the girlfriend of Roman Abramovitch (say no more!), Cat Deeley, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz…uh oh!…I’m feeling faint!

There are loads more obvious beauties missing – for instance, where am I? Ok, so I’m a guy but I’m still damn gorgeous…and no, I’ve not had implants, whatever my Doctor says, totally ‘au naturel’ – apart from a touch of Lipo! Can someone help me as my minds going fuzzy with all these beautiful women running through it?

My question is: Have FHM completely skimped on Jessica Alba’s bikini budget? I think she would have looked much sexier in a bikini…but then, so would I!

At least the FHM voters haven’t totally lost the plot, the day that happens will be the day that Kelly Brooks and Keeley don’t even make it in the Top 10.

Have your say! Do you agree with FHM? Is Jessica Alba the sexiest woman in the world? Vote vote! (look for Mio Destino Poll at bottom left corner of webpage)

Alan Ball, from legendary 1966 England World Cup, dies

Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Geoff Hurst have led the tributes to their friend
and world cup colleague Alan Ball who sadly passed away during the night.

Ball, the youngest player in the successful England triumph of 1966 died of a suspected heart attack.

Charlton told Sporting Life that he was, “shocked and saddened” by the death of the midfield dynamo. He added, “Alan was always bright and bubbly in everything he did as a player. He went about his work with great enthusiasm and gusto and he always had a smile on his face.

“He was a sensational little player with great touch and great vision. He had great close control and although he wasn’t a fast player he didn’t need to be. He could see things clearly and always made the right decisions.

The tributes will flood in, as Ball, an English football legend and iconic player was a member of a very exclusive club, something that the English public hold in the highest regard.

Please add your comments and tributes for a truly magnificent and successful man.

Why is it that footballers love drink and women?

The flash lifestylehas always surrounded the footballing elite – but why?

You don’t really hear of tennis stars, cricketers or athletes in drunken romps with porn stars. If you are new to this football culture, just view Rio Ferdinand’s CV of sex scandals, driving offences, missed drug test to help create the visual. So is this phenomenon unique to football? Is it just because football is the main sport and loads of people watch it, or is it because cricketers, athletes and tennis stars have a bit more self control?

I don’t know – but what I do know is that if I was young, free and single earning millions of pounds each year – I would want a piece of the highlife. I have to admit I would find the temptations irresistible. Show me a man who wouldn’t? Maybe they are out there, but I doubt it.
Does the sport attract certain types of individuals?

    Cricket, a slower more drawn out sport – could the same be said in real life

- I’m not so sure. Take Peterson and Flintoff, they look lively lads – they might enjoy a pint and a bird?

Would it be fair to say that cricket is a boring sport that attracts bores?

Football is lively, all action and it attracts those sorts of characters the ones that we love to read about! Send me your views!