Bridal Etiquette from 1938 And Brilliant Bridal Lingerie For Day And Night

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The 1775 – 2014 Wedding Dress exhibition is in full swing at the Victoria and Albert Museum London and wedding season itself is gathering momentum. We thought we’d take this opportunity to look at a little bridal etiquette from times gone buy as well as showcase some of our favourite lingerie pieces for the modern bride’s trousseau. Here are just a few notes on proper wedding etiquette from a wonderful little book we found from 1938, ‘My Home Book of Etiquette and Entertaining’ by Lady Troubridge.



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From Wedding Day to Wedding Nights

Now you know just how to properly orchestrate your wedding don’t forget to select the perfect lingerie for the big day and the big day’s big night!

Mio Luxe Snowfall Bridal Swarovski Crystals Overbust Corset

 Mio Luxe Corset Snowfall Bridal Swarovski Crystals Overbustv Mio Luxe Corset Snowfall Bridal Swarovski Crystals Overbust

Mio Luxe Snowfall bridal corset comes in satin with iridescent Swarovski crystals cascading from sweetheart neckline to hip. The corset features front fastenings, back lacing and steel boning for an hourglass silhouette. Love the look? Buy today with co-ordinating tulle or satin bridal skirt for the big day and silk robe for the wedding night.


Lise Charmel Romantique Desir Nacre Lace Basque & Nightdress

Lise Charmel Romantique Desir Nacre Lace Basque with Removable Suspenders and Straps Lise Charmel Romantique Desir Nacre Lace Nightdress









Lise Charmel Romantique Desir Nacre basque features molded, lace bra cups, smooth stretch body and stylish lace body panels accentuated with light boning to create a most flattering silhouette. Removable suspenders and bra straps add versatility. Lise Charmel Romantique Desir Nacre nightdress comes in a halter dress style. The body is formed from soft, luxurious ivory lace while softly fluted ivory chiffon forms the little skirt. The ultimate indulgence. Spoil yourself; buy both now.


Gossard Retrolution Slip and Femme Fatal Ivory Bra, Thong and Suspender Belt

Gossard Retrolution Ivory Stapless Slip Gossard Femme Fatale Ivory Strapeless Bra Gossard Femme Fatale Ivory Suspender Belt Gossard Femme Fatale Ivory Thong
















Gossard Retrolution strapless slip will help create the perfect silhouette under your wedding gown with it’s moulded, underwired bra cups of pretty ivory floral lace cut in a low neckline, stretch satin side panels and strategically placed mesh lining panels with lace overlay to create a perfectly slim body silhouette. Move into the evening with this perfect wedding night collection including Gossard Femme Fatale ivory strapless bra, thong and suspender belt all featuring gently pleated spot mesh, embroidered lace trim and tiny sequin embellishments. Indulge in this bridal fantasy today.

Lepel Bouquet Ivory Multiway Bra, basque and thong

Lepel Bouquet ivory multiway bra features molded, underwired bra cups cover in swirling embroidered lace with softly scalloped lace at bra cup edges. Removable straps allow for multiway wear making it so easy to adapt to the style of your wedding gown. Pair with matching embroidered lace thong then simple slip into the sexy basque version for the wedding night. Buy your matching items from the Lapel Bouquet Ivory collection today.

Lepel Bouquet Ivory Multiway Bra Lepel Bouquet Ivory Basque Lepel Bouquet Ivory Thong
















Fred and Ginger Bridal Beau 

Fred and Ginger Bridal Beau BraFred and Ginger Bridal Beau KnickersFred and Ginger Bridal Teddy

Fred and Ginger bridal beau bra  and bridal beau knickers comes in 100% creamy silk satin and luxurious French lace create this ultra glam bridal look. Flirty frills adorn the cups and straps and a romantic satin bow in the centre of the bust finishes this pretty bra. Then in the evening slip into this luxurious silk teddy with its vintage feel, flattering paneled cut, and seductive French lace neckline detailing. Indulge in a little luxury retro romance today.

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5 Great Reasons To Lounge in Your Pyjamas All Day

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We live busy lives filled with jobs to do, errands to run, bills to pay, cleaning to catch up on kids to look after, the list goes on and on. Now, we’re not suggesting you trade this all in on a permanent basis to become a pyjama wearing sofa dweller (aka sloth) but in the case of the busy woman the age old adage is true, a change is as good as a holiday. So get your diary out, find a day, clear your schedule and make a date with your favourite pyjamas. Treat yourself to this simple yet wonderful indulgence, a day where you don’t get dressed, don’t put your make up on, turn your phone on silent, ignore your emails and treat yourself some well earned ‘me time’. Here are our top 5 reasons to stay in your PJs all day along with our favourite sleepwear and loungewear pieces for you to choose from. Go on, buy your favourites and book a PJ day today; you deserve this.

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It’s A Rare Luxury

Time itself has become the ultimate luxury commodity. You don’t need to spend hundreds on a weekend away or a fortnight in the Bahamas to enjoy the luxury of time dedicate to ‘me’. Simply slip into these lush blue and cream satin Irall pyjamas with floral embroidered lace detail and allow yourself the indulgence of a day filled with nothing but relaxing in the comfort of your own home.



















Irall Grace Powder Blue and Cream Pyjamas










It’s SO Comfortable

A day spent at home without a to-do list is a wonderful thing made all the more wonderful without the fetters of our everyday clothes. The sheer ease of spending the day in your PJs is enough to help relax the body and forget all about the usual schedule. These Mio Lounge Blue Floral Bloom cotton ¾ length pyjamas are the perfect balance of style and comfort with their summery floral print and navy contrast details in crisp, cool cotton. Buy yours now.

Mio Lounge Blue Floral Bloom Cotton 3/4 Length Pyjamas Mio Lounge Blue Floral Bloom Cotton 3/4 Length Pyjamas










It Stops You Being Busy

We’ve all heard of power dressing for work, the idea that what your wear can affect your very psyche. Well the same is true of dressing for a day of relaxation. The simple act of keeping your PJs on lets your brain know it’s time to relax and lets face it, it provides a physical barrier to busyness too, I mean who’s really going to pop to the bank in their PJs? Put the kettle on and slip into these sumptuously soft Irall Daisy stretch jersey pyjamas in buttery cream and spot cappuccino print for a day of peaceful relaxation. Indulge today and buy now.

Irall Daisy Cappucino and Cream V- Neck Pyjamas Irall Daisy Cappucino and Cream V- Neck Pyjamas









It Takes You Back

Remember those childhood and teenage days of the sleepover when you and your friends would stay up all night watching chick flicks then spend the next day in your PJs munching breakfast at lunchtime and chatting till your hearts content. Wearing your PJs all day has a strong nostalgic element sure to take you back to this wonderfully simple time. Learn this life lesson from your former self, a girly day spent in your PJs is a day well spent. Why not try these cute little Irall Octavia II White and Navy Blue Sailor summery shorty PJs with nautical stripe top and stretch shorts from Irall for the perfect summer PJ day. Go on; spoil yourself today.












Irall Octavia II White and Navy Blue Sailor Short Pyjama Set










It’s Perfect For Pampering

There’s one kind of to-do list that you’re allowed to tackle on a PJ day and that’s a pamper to-do list. So grab your nail polish, hair treatment, face mask and get busy in the very best way. PJs are much more conducive to relaxing pamper treatments so go ahead and treat yourself. These classic Ahoy Sailor pyjamas from Mio Lounge are the perfect accompaniment to a day of summer pampering with their classic blue and white stripe cotton print and luxurious red contrast piping. Spoil yourself and buy today.

Mio Lounge Ahoy Sailor Cotton Blue Stripe Pyjamas Mio Lounge Ahoy Sailor Cotton Blue Stripe Pyjamas










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Why Matching Your Bra and Pants Is Better For Your Mental Health

Mio Classic Indian Summer Beige and Black Floral Bra

We all know that feeling when we buy a new set of matching lingerie. The endorphin rush that inevitably follows the purchase; mental images of romantic nights filled with candles, champagne and Mr Right come flooding into our minds along with the sudden feeling that we have all the sex appeal of a genetic cross between Beyoncé and Scarlet Johansson.

Here are our top 5 reasons why matching lingerie makes for a better mental state and top 5 matching lingerie sets to go with them. Choose your favourite then sign up to the Mio mailing list here to get 10% off* your purchase.

1. You love having a secret

You love having this little secret, a private knowledge you don’t even need to share for it to be enjoyed. Put on a matching lingerie set and bam, you feel instantly prettier, sexier, more put together, prepared for the day ahead be it the commute to work, that conversation with your boss or evening drinks. Sometimes the best treats are the secret ones.

Gossard Flower Rush Pink Floral Print Padded Plunge Bra

Gossard Flower Rush Pink Floral Print Padded Plunge Bra







2.You look and feel Confident

Matching lingerie says, ‘hey man, I’ve got it together, I know what I’m doing, what I like and what I want. I’m sexy through and through’. Okay, lingerie doesn’t talk, but if it could you know this is what a matching set would be saying. Acting confident is halfway to being confident so find your perfect set now.

Gossard Opulence Black Padded Plunge Bra

 Gossard Opulence Black Padded Plunge Bra








3.You double your sexy statement

The dress slips from your shoulders revealing your perfectly chosen sexy bra, he’s in awe, you’ve got his attention and your feeling pretty sexy but wait! The dress slips to the floor pooling around your perfectly poised stilettos thus revealing your matching panties, double whammy, he’s putty in your hands. Ego boost? We think so.


Ambra Secret Feelings Blue Balcony Non Padded Bra







4.You feel calmer

You know that mad panic to get dressed in the morning, the bleary eyed struggle to pull together a great outfit on a Monday morning? Well if your bra and pants match its half as hard to choose your undies, less decisions at 6am make for a calmer, happier you.


Mio Sexy Aqua blue Sorbet Sheer bra and Brief Set







5.You express yourself

We’re all about self-expression at Mio Destino. Whether you’re a naughty but nice kinda gal or a sweet n’ sexy girl next door we believe you should let your lingerie express your personality, mood and desires and what better why to create a defining sense of self than matching your bra and panties?


Antigel Divine Lakshmi Fuschia Full Cup Bra








So go on ladies, put a spring in your step, buy your favourite matching set now. It won’t create world peace or win you a Nobel prize but it might just give you a boost and and improve your mental state.

Putting On The Glitz: Jewellery Trends Inspire A Sensational Summer Of Swimwear

swimwear, swimwear trends 2014, SS14, jewellery, embellished swimwear, designer swimwear, swimsuit, trikini, bikini, one-piece,

Jewellery has taken on a life of it’s own these last couple of seasons with statementnecklaces in particular stealing the limelight. Jewellery is no longer a mere accessory to the outfit; it has become the main event. First select the jewellery then match your outfit to it. Some of our favourite luxury swimwear brands have taken this trend to a new level by designing bikini’s and swimsuits around their very own built in jewellery elements. The perfect style statement for the beach or pool this summer without any of the worry of jewellery getting lost or discolouring in the pool. Indulge your fashion senses with this fab jewellery inspired swimwear. Deck yourself in jewels today, shop swimwear at Mio Destino and don’t forget if you sign up to our mailing list you’ll get 10% off* your first order.

Maryan Mehlhorn Metallica Power Black swimsuit comes in slimming black with a flattering medium leg line. The real highlight is a stunning halterneck design with binding strands woven into a silver necklace trim. Indulge in this fashion luxury now; buy with Metallica bikini set.










Aguaclara Amazonia Dorada monokini comes in sexy snake print in varied turquoise hues The deep V-neck is lavishly adorned with gold sequins and the cut away sides add to the glamour of the look. Spoil yourself; buy now and treat yourself to an Aguaclara bikini too.





Maryan Mehlhorn Metallica Power bikini set comes in chic jet black with silver metallic embellishments in the form of a starburst design on the triangular bikini top and at the hip on the loop side hipster style briefs. Love this sexy and luxurious look? Buy yours now with equally stunning Metallica Power Black swimsuit.

maryan-mehlhorn-metallica-power-black-bikini maryan-mehlhorn-metallica-power-black-bikini

Aguaclara Selva Turquesa bikini set comes in abstract oceanic print. Molded bra cups are edged in black with precious purple and pink jewel embroidery. Bikini pants feature the same stylish trim at the waist. Indulge in luxury; buy yours today with matching monokini.

aguaclara-selva-turquesa-turquoise-embroidery-bikini aguaclara-selva-turquesa-turquoise-embroidery-bikini

Maryan Mehlhorn Maori Black Terra bikini set comes in hot tribal print featuring a bikini top of triangular, halter-neck style bra cups with central faux ivory disk encased in delicate amber beading. Sleek bikini bottoms feature a fabric loop side for sexy finish. Love this luxurious swimwear look? Buy now with matching swimsuit.

maryan-mehlhorn-maori-black-terra-bikini-set maryan-mehlhorn-maori-black-terra-bikini-set









Mio Swim Black Mamba halterneck top features black triangular halter bra cups with a seductive metallic snakeskin under bust band connected in the centre by a luxurious gold paisley trim. Treat yourself today; buy with matching ruche side bikini briefs.

mio-swim-black-mamba-black-and-metallic-bikini-halterneck-print-trim-top mio-swim-black-mamba-black-and-metallic-bikini-halterneck-print-trim-top









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Choose Foreplay Not Ball-play: Fed-up of football? Win Back His Attention With Our Top 5 Sexiest Lingerie Distractions

Mio Sexy Dark Secret Black Soft Basque & Thong

We’re well into World Cup season and what you initially perceived as endearingly boyish enthusiasm (for 11 men, some grass and a ball) has now become a source of major irritation. While you may feel like getting your nag on and whining at him about the lack of attention you’ve been getting of late may we suggest instead a full on charm offensive. I know I know he barely deserves it but look at it this way, he’s much more likely to respond to a little ego stroking and seduction than threats to throw the TV out the window or pin up a ‘Most Wanted’ poster of his face at the local pub. So ladies, it’s time to get what you want, get your sexy on and show him what he’s been missing with our top 5 sexiest lingerie looks he’s just can’t ignore…

Number One

Fred and Ginger Tropical Paradise Yellow and Pink Balcony Bra

Fred and Ginger Tropical Paradise balcony bra and matching thong are the perfect way to bring a little festival away from Rio and into the bedroom this World Cup season.  This sexy bra features super low cut moulded bra cups of soft yellow silk with pink chiffon frill, the perfect way to showcase your assets. Get the party started; buy yours now.




Number Two

Gossard Retrolution Black Corset

She shoots, she scores! You’ll be sure to score in this ultra sexy plunge neck, cleavage enhancing black and nude Retrolution corset from Gossard with its sexy retro shape, nude lined black lace panels and black satin accents. Indulge in this sensationally seductive look and buy today with matching thong.





Number Three 

Mio Sexy Dark Secret Black Soft Basque & Thong

Remind him who’s boss of the bedroom in Mio Sexy Dark Secret soft basque and thong. This sexy set comes in sheer black mesh with floral lace accents highlighting the sexy open front and open back style body panels. Seduce him away from the TV set; buy yours today.





Number Four

Mio Sexy Sensory Red and Black 5 Accessory Piece Set

Play games in the bedroom to keep his mind off the game with Mio Sexy Glamour 5 piece set featuring reversible red and black satin tie side briefs, wrist tie, chocker and eye mask and matching garter. Show him what he’s missing; buy now.





Number Five 

Maison Close Nuit Blanche Black Sheer Babydoll

Wear this dress to dinner and he’ll soon forget there’s a game on afterwards. Maison Close Nuit Blanche babydoll features front panels of sheer, décolletage revealing, black chiffon with opaque stud embellished panels at the waist. The back of the dress remains completely sheer for a naughty finish. Buy yours now; we promise you’ll be a most welcome distraction.




Go on, show him what he’s missing and slip into something sexy today.

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